Ludemans move to BaliAfter 30 years of running a successful business and managing a dairy farm Oregon, the Ludeman’s are moving to Bali, Indonesia. This wasn’t in their retirement plans and it wasn’t even something they aspired to do one day. The idea came from an unexpected source and in an unconventional way. Mark and Jennifer have always followed their inner guidance and they knew right away, this move was part of their destiny.

Due for publication in 2017, this book takes readers on a journey of what it’s like to make peace with your past, to follow your intuitive hutches, and to find a home within yourself, and also within the physical and spiritual world. Miracles can occur for those who believe in them. This book will show you how to make yourself available to them!  

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I’ve recently learned about the concept of bucket lists. These are experiences we hope to achieve to make life feel complete. It seems like a good idea, however, I cannot plan my future like that. My guidance tells me what to do next, and I never know when it will surprise me.

It’s hard to explain. As the son of a Christian preacher, it seemed like I was born with the Holy Spirit. At one point, I wanted to go to Oral Roberts University to become a man of the cloth, but guidance pulled me in a different direction. The next thing I knew, I was on a plane to India in my early 20s to see guru, Sathya Sai Baba.

Along with my wife, Jennifer, and kids, I have traveled to places with strong spiritual energy. We’ve been to India multiple times, as well as sacred sites in Peru, Brazil, Cyprus, Russia, Bhutan, and Central America. We’ve seen mystics and healers perform jaw-dropping miracles. We’ve studied consciousness and inner growth with respected, international teachers.

If there’s one thing Jennifer and I have learned in our travels, it’s that God is much bigger than what our Christian roots had taught us. This revelation gave us a limitless appetite for spirituality. We have followed guidance and have had experiences that we didn’t even know were possible. That’s why bucket lists can be limiting.

Earlier this year, we found ourselves at a crossroads. We’ve been married 43 years and our four children are now grown. We’ve run a retail business together for 32 years. We’ve also managed an organic, permaculture farm with a small dairy for about 10 years. We have decided, it’s time to retire.

I googled, “Intuitives in Portland,” hoping to find someone with insight into our next steps. Weeks later, I followed my intuition and chose a woman named Cindy, who is located at a professional building near my store. Proximity alone might have swayed my decision. Plus, it was such a discreet place for a psychic to have a business.

When I arrived, Cindy directed me to her office through what seemed like a labyrinth. It was located in the back of the building through several hallways and doorways. Little did I know, this was a portal into a new life. Jennifer and I would return here, separately and together, for months to follow. This would dramatically change the direction of our future and relationship.

When I sat down, Cindy announced, “There’s a young man here who wants to thank you. You were very kind to him.” Huh? There wasn’t anyone in the room. “There’s also a woman here. She says to pack your bags. You need to move.” A long pause followed. “You need to move to Bali, Indonesia.” Who could that be? What is going on?

I should mention, this wasn’t my first appointment with Cindy. The previous week, her assistant called to cancel my session at the last minute. I wound up rescheduling, but the whole thing made me suspicious. Now, I am nervous and hugging the corner of the couch. It took a few seconds to grasp, Cindy was a medium.

As we discussed who these departed voices might be, my trust in her rapidly grew. We concluded that my deceased mother was the one encouraging our move to Bali. The young man who said “thanks” was an employee of mine who tragically died.

My 60 minute appointment wound up lasting two hours. Cindy was articulate and undeniably gifted. By the time we ended, I had migrated to the center of the couch, face-to-face with Cindy. No way did I plan to meet my spiritual advisor on this day.

I came home that evening and announced, “Guess what? We are moving to Bali!” Even though this was a radical idea, it felt right to me and not because it came from my mother or even from Cindy. We have always followed guidance and after discussing it, we decided to make this happen. Jennifer thought we’d be milking cows until our final days. Now, the notion of a warm ocean breeze, tropical terrain, and a break from farm labor seemed like pure salvation to her.

My passion is the farm. It will be hard to leave, but Jennifer described it as a chance to let go of all that’s familiar. Through our travels, we’ve proven to do that well. The hardest part will be leaving our family. To ensure a smooth transition, we both decided to continue sessions with Cindy.

I have gone to the ends of the Earth to feed my spiritual hunger. Now, in a tiny office in Beaverton, Oregon, an eternal source of spiritual sustenance was handed directly to me. Cindy helped me to understand Mystical Christ, the healer. This is the essence of Christ that I was born with. I was raised with a Christ who was condemning. Today, I can experience the Mystical Christ who fulfils my needs and beliefs.

Without any restrictions or judgements, our access to the Holy Spirit has become even stronger. Jennifer is now singing Christian songs with renewed enthusiasm. She’s also been immersing herself in Rumi’s poetry that oozes with longing and devotion to God. Love is Jennifer’s religion of choice.

For those who have abandoned God because of a strict Christian upbringing, we hope you’ll get to know Mystical Jesus. We found him in our travels, in many forms, and we’re eager to share those stories. We believe there’s a path for everyone, if you’re willing to look for it.

We are writing this book, in part, as a thank you to Cindy. Through her support, our deficits as individuals have turned into assets. In other words, the things that drove us crazy about each other aren’t as much of a problem anymore. You see, Jennifer and I are very different. Over time, this has limited our communication outside of family and work.

My wife is a sensitive and loving empath who finds the pain of the world to be difficult at times. I am a voracious news junkie who doesn’t shy away from the darkness and dysfunction of humanity. Cindy showed us how these differences benefit us. From a soul perspective, they offer balance and increase the power of our prayers. We were able to discover each other and to fall in love in a life-changing way.

Jennifer describes her own evolution with Cindy, “I now want to have my hands in the mud of life. I want to be in tune with what’s happening, what’s really happening in our world; the dark, confusing, laughable ignorance of mankind, as well as the light. I want to pray deeply for all of it, right there next to my husband.”

If crossing off items on your bucket list hasn’t provided lasting satisfaction, you’re not alone. If you have wondered how your intuition is different from guidance, or how to set off on your own quest for spiritual satisfaction, this book is for you. Chasing happiness can be an empty pursuit, but with the right people, the right message, at the right time, miracles can occur and your own guidance can lead the way.

Thank you for being here. Mark & Jennifer Ludeman

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