Our Pastures

How We Care for Them

The Lower Pasture

Our sheep are pastured year-round on land we manage using strictly natural practices. (Here’s what “naturally managed” means to us, by the way.)

When we first got them, they did a number on the fir saplings in our upper pasture. So, we now rotate them between our two lower pastures, where they (and the trees) are doing fine.

Our Sheep

Meet Our Sheep


Gotland sheep are a heritage breed from the Swedish island of the same name. They’re alert, medium-sized animals with curly pelts, naturally short tails and friendly personalities. They’re also remarkably low-maintenance: they get all the food they need just from their pasture.

They’re a triple-purpose breed, great for meat, fiber and pelt. Their wool is lustrous and very soft, like that of Angora goats. Spinners and felters go out of their way to get it.

Jacob, etc.

We also have a few miscellaneous members among the flock. One is a Jacob, another heritage breed. Ours has two big horns, though his relatives have been known to grow as many as four.

Then there’s Bernice. We’re not sure what her background is, but she’s the first sheep we ever had. She was an orphan; when she was little she lived in the house with us. Now that she’s a mom, she lives outside with the others.

Mama Sheep