Get your Soil Tested (Soil Series IV)

Until you’ve tested your soil, you don’t know if your garden actually contains the inorganic minerals and trace elements our bodies require to function… and if it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the food. In most cases, it’s necessary to add some amendments (minerals) to make your soil able to produce foods that are really healthy. You can buy any amendments you need at our store.

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Last day to order your groceries

Do you have an Azure Standard account?

Azure Standard is a website where you can order quality bulk and natural foods online. Once a month, the orders are delivered to drop points around the country, such as our farm & garden center, Healing Ponds.

It’s easy: shop online, pick it up later at our store. Create your free account today.

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Glee Comes Home

Today was the day to buy the new cow!

We buy our cows from Emerald Dairy, a 300-some cow dairy out in Yamhill run by Bob Bansen.

Bob had an article written about him in The NY Times, because he knows all his cows by name. He names them in sequence: if a cow named Apple has a baby, her baby will have an A name, and so on down.

So, we made an appointment…

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